Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Golden Scrapbooking Rule

I workshop it
I learn it.
I watch it.
I blog, crop, and hop it.
I work it.
I love it.
I need it.
I gift it.
I teach it.
It inspires.
It pleases.
It heals.

So why on Earth would I take a chance of loosing it all?

Here's the Golden Scrapbooking Rule:
Save and Store your photos and artwork using multiple resources.

I was reminded of this rule recently when I went to a favorite printing website to upload my latest Studio J files and found they were no longer in business. Bummer! I really loved their quality and price. I had hundreds of photos and 5 years worth of digital layouts uploaded to the site.

But you know what? ..... No "panic mode" here! I took the lessons I learned a long time ago about sorting, saving, and uploading my photos and digi work very seriously. It really paid off this time in a BIG way.

I have back-ups. Lots of them. Over the course of time, they've changed as new, and affordable technology comes along but they all serve the same purpose: I'll never have to panic, or break down in tears because I lost photos or digital artwork. Even if something disastrous happened to my physical collection, I'll always be able to reprint the photos, and recreate the pages because I have back-up.

For on-site photo and artwork storage I've used these:

Burn your files onto a CD. Make sure to label the CD with a general description, date, and how many photos are on the CD. This is a good, inexpensive way to store and share photo files. I had all my photo negatives scanned and burned onto cd's a few years ago and its so easy to find them when I'm planning a project.

Use a flashdrive for quick and portable saves. Flashdrives vary in price and capacity. They can be used in most photo kiosks for fast and easy printing. Again, be sure to label the flashdrive if you will be using it for permanent storage.

External hardrives have become more affordable (especially the 500GB models) and offer a mega-ton of storage space. Create files on your ehd to keep your work organized and easily accessible. EHDs are also a popular way to store files and put them in a safe deposit box for super-saving!

For online photo and artwork storage these are my favorites:

Persnickety became my digital page printer after the unexpected demise of my previous vendor. So far, I've uploaded my Studio J j.peg files and have had 8x8 pages printed. Excellent print quality and paper. The prices are very reasonable and the sale prices are incredible! They will print individual photos, digital pages, and bound scrapbooks. They come highly recommended and promoted by some of the biggest names in scrapbooking. Ali Edwards and Renee Pearson to name just two.

Shutterfly is a catch all site for me. I have all of my photos and digital artwork uploaded here. They offer unlimited photo storage and allow the creation of sorting albums to help you stay organized. The print quality is as good as my local photo processor. They do not print individual digital scrapbook pages. But let me tell you, Shutterfly rocks when it comes to digital books! I've had 12x12 books printed using my digi layouts and smaller photo books made using individual photos. Shutterfly has an ongoing sales campaign with offers that help you save on products and shipping. Once you've created an account with Shutterfly and do some uploading, you'll receive special offers. Just last month I received a free 8x8 photo book and 101 free 4x6 prints! Can't beat that!

This is my go-to for all my photos. Its second nature for me to just pop on over to Kodak and upload my photos right after I've sorted and edited them. They also just came on board with a free app for my smart phone that allows me to upload on-the-go. Love it. With Kodak, I can either take advantage of ordering my prints online, or placing an order for same day pick-up at my nearest Target store. Photo storage is unlimited, they offer photo share sites, and you can create photo books. Aside from good quality prints, I love their selection of photo cards and gifts. Kodak has been around a very long time and I feel confident that my photos are safely stored and accessible like, forever! {I hope}

So that's my ramble for the day. Can you tell that I am extremely passionate about the Golden Scrapbooking Rule? No fears, no tears for this scrapbooker ..... I always have a back-up and I highly recommend that you do too!

Thanks for stopping by the Tator Patch ...
... where photos are never lost!

Easter Blessings to one and all.

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