Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Camera Tot'in Flower Girls

My sister and I attended Macy's Towers of Flowers Show last weekend and between the two of us shot over 200 photos! So many pictures .... so much inspiration!

I was able to reduce my collection to around 80 photos and it looks like my sister wound up with about 65 "keepers" in her bunch. We shared our pics with family and friends via Facebook and  it was cool to see that her and I took many of the same photos, but from different perspectives. We each had our favorites as well. My sister loves orchids and she got some beautiful shots. I was thrilled with the different color combinations and just about everything that was blooming.

{Side Note} ...We finished off our day with a light dinner at Rock Bottom Cafe. I highly recommend their Tuna Burger with Wasabi Tartar and Pickled Ginger. Y-U-M {sorry, got off track thinking about it}.

While I'm sure to be using some of my photos in future projects and my Year in Review album, I wanted to make them easily accessible for enjoyment the next time Mother Nature decides to dump winter in our laps.

Quick, easy solution? A Shutterfly 20-page 8x8 photobook. Love these handy books for dealing with lots of photos from a single event. I only spent about 2 hours "dragging and dropping" in Custom Path mode and it was done! One book for me and one for my camera tot'in flower girl sister!

Here it is. Take a look. Enjoy. Think Spring!

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  1. Awesome photos Marg! The kids and I brought my Grandma there on Wednesday. It's an annual tradition. I LOVED the blue orchids this year! See you soon!


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