Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why "I Didn't Have Potatoes"

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Today would have been my Grandma LaBelle's 93rd birthday. She was near and dear to so many people. She was best known for her kind heart, love of family, and the ability to tell a good joke. I swear, to this day, I'd recognize her voice and laugh in an instant. Ask any of us who knew her .... she was quite remarkable.

In her honor, I'm reposting the story behind this little patch of blogesphere fun I refer to as the Tator Patch ..... here's the why behind ....

I Didn't Have Potatoes

I didn't have potatoes
So I substituted rice
I didn't have paprika
I used another spice
I didn't have tomato sauce
I used tomato paste
A whole can, not a half
I don't believe on waste
A friend gave me the recipe
She said you couldn't beat it
There must be something wrong with her,
I couldn't even eat it!
(Originally posted in October 2010)
I guess I never explained it. The name. My blog's name that is. Well here's the story....

In 1996 I was inspired by a project that a dear friend of mine was working on as a gift to her sisters. After seeing her finished book, I decided to expand on the idea and in 1997 began collecting bits and pieces of information, thoughts, stories, poems, jokes, advice and recipes from the women in my family. Over the course of a year I had enough stuff to create a simple 3-ring binder containing all the really cool stuff people sent me.

One day I opened up an envelope from my Grandmother and found she had sent me some cute cartoons and a funny little poem titled "I Didn't Have Potatoes". I laughed and laughed. It just figured that she would pass something like this along. She always had a way of making everyone smile .... even through the mail!

I eventually named the book "I Didn't Have Potatoes" because the whole idea behind the project was to pass along some good laughs and honor the really awesome women in our family. It just seemed fitting to put our Grandmother's little ditty on the front cover.

This book was the first of many projects that eventually turned me into the full-blown scrapbooking, papercrafting junkie that I am today. Thus, my blog's name!

My first scrapbook project
"I Didn't Have Potatoes"
December 1997

And now you know the story!
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  1. I'm glad you posted this. The poem is pricesless. The story is great. Your grandmother must have been remarkable. Great thinking to put everything in a binder like you did. I must say--I'm very inspired. :-)

  2. Love this story! Thanks for sharing!


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