Monday, June 4, 2012

Team Card Swap

I belong to an incredibly talented and supportive Close To My Heart team. We live near and far, have our own distinct styles, and love what we do!

We had a card swap recently and I'd like to show you some of the fabulous results!

From Kristine .... visit her blog HERE
From Tammie .... visit her blog HERE

From Jenny May ... visit her blog HERE

From Lynn .... visit her blog HERE
From Sara

From our fearless leader Brenda Rose...
visit her blog HERE

Now how's that for inspiration? The Rose Blossoms really got it goin' on!!!!

Thanks for stopping by the Tator Patch .... have a blessed day!

As always, comments are encouraged, welcome, and oh so appreciated!


  1. Okay, Marg - you are the best! I {heart} that you shared this, and I {heart} you, too!!

  2. What a fun idea! Love how different they all are!

  3. I second those emotions from Miss Brenda! How fun that you posted this.

  4. How fun! Lots of cute cards!!! :)

  5. These were some great card. I love CTMH cards.

  6. What about these colors for baby shower...lagoon, sunflower and just a touch of cotton candy? I couldn't find the FB post about this so I thought I'd add my two cents here, lol. I love those colors together and probably easy to find turquoise, or should I say lagoon, this time of year. good luck.


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